Monday, January 7, 2019

Coir products as a growing medium

If you want to grow without using soil, you now have the opportunity of using coir as a growing medium to do so. There are many soilless substrates that you can choose from and some of the more popular varieties are perlite, peat moss and clay pebbles. However, over the past few years coir has gained vast popularity over all the other options.

Coconut coir is lightweight and is made of fibres found between the shell and the outer surface of a ripe coconut. The biggest advantage of using coconut coir is that it is 100% natural, and therefore, renewable as well as biodegradable. It is an excellent choice for environmental sustainability. Coconut coir can be bought in brick or block format that automatically expands when water is added.

Horticultural products from CoirGreen™

Coir fibre and the extracts of it have high air porosity and water retention which makes it ideal for use in the horticultural and agricultural industries.

In addition to this, natural coir has the capability of maintaining excellent air porosity even when it is saturated. It allows water to drain through it easily and prevents water logging. However, it also retains 78% of water approximately, which is the fundamental requirement for healthy plant growth.

CoirGreen offers a range of horticultural products that can help you grow without negatively impacting your environment.

CoirGreen™ coco peat is a natural and fully renewable product that is made out of coconut husks. When you grow using coco peat, you will need to water your plants less frequently which is ideal for tropical climates. Fine roots will develop within a relatively short period of time and they will receive better aeration that results in healthier vegetation. In addition, coco peat:

·        Is a practical alternative to peat moss

·        Is a multi-purpose growing medium

·        Has high air porosity

·        Retains and drains the right amount of water

·        Enhances the root growth of plants

·        Is a product with high longevity that allows for a lifespan of several years without decomposition altering its consistency

CoirGreen™  coir disks can be used in many large scale nurseries and greenhouses, and allow for effective weed control. It is renewable and 100% biodegradable. Notably, coir disks:

·        Protect soil from draining its natural fertility

·        Have no impact upon the natural environmental cycle

·        Retain the right amount of water

·        Are easy to maintain and use

·        Have good aeration capacity

CoirGreen™ coir pots are made of natural coco fibre and rubber, and are ideal for use in horticultural farms, greenhouses, flower gardens and nurseries. They are elegant and 100% biodegradable. When used for commercial horticulture they will allow growers to plant the pots directly into the ground, thereby surpassing the usual “transplant shock” phase that can become problematic. It also allows for aerial root pruning which means that the roots of the plants will penetrate the walls of the pots and come into contact with air. At this stage the roots stop growing and give way to root buds that then develop into secondary roots all throughout the pot.  Further, coir pots:

·        Add texture to soil when they decompose

·        Are a great source of carbon when added to a compost heap

·        Have better water absorption capacity

·        Help Increase microbial activity

·        Moderate moisture

·        Are sustainable

·        Have high tensile strength

CoirGreen™ growbags also known as coco slabs, these are available in various sizes and compositions based upon your requirement. Growbags that come with coco peat and husk chips are 100% natural and does not contain any substance that can negatively impact the environment. It is non-toxic, easy to use, store and maintain. They come with high water retention capacity and air porosity which enhances plant growth. They are ideal for growing vegetables and ornamental plants.

CoirGreen™ coco chips/husk chips  are produced by cutting the husk around the coconut and are used without separating them into fibre or peat. They offer growers with a variety of benefits that include:

·        Longevity with no degradation (5+ years)

·        Clean, consistent and zero wastage

·        Excellent drainage

·        High cation exchange capacity

·        Reduced fertilizer application by 30%

·        No stress on the plant after repotting

·        Neutral pH

CoirGreen™ nursery bags are made entirely of coco peat, which is a natural and renewable product. The plants grown in these will require less frequent watering due to the high-water retention capacity of the bags. Other benefits include;

·        Easy handling and planting

·        Multi-purpose growing media

·        High aeration or air porosity

·        Absorbs water in the adequate amount only

·        Providing a perfect medium for a strong and robust root system

·        Cocopeat can be treated